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11 Nighttime Skin Care Tips

Taking care of your skin at night is an important part of making sure you always look your best, but do you know what steps you need to take to keep it healthy?  There’s a mountain of products that exist in your local pharmacy, and it seems like every make-up company is trying to sell you something that is ‘guaranteed to keep your skin glowing and young’.  Out of all these options, how are you to know which of them is going to really help you look your best? This article will contain some special nighttime care tips that will help your skin looking fantastic, so read on!


Make Sure Your Face Gets Cleaned Every Night

One habit that most people aren’t aware they have is touching their face all day.  This constant touching transfers dirt, oils, and other substances to our faces throughout the day.  If you aren’t washing your face every night then this oil and dirt can continue to build up causing acne and other dermatological problems.  Cleaning your skin helps to kill bacteria that cause acne, remove excess oil that can collect dirt, and otherwise leave your skin looking refreshed.


Always Use Moisturizer In The Evening

There’s a misconception among some people that putting on moisturizer on your skin at night clogs it and makes it difficult for it to breathe.  Given that there is no respiration happening through the skin this is a baseless concern, and in fact night cream is specifically made to help improve your skin while you sleep.  Not putting moisturizer on your skin at night allows it to dry out, becoming tired and dull looking as a result.


Keep Your Head Elevated

This may seem an odd thing to appear in a list of ways to help your skin at night, but sleeping with your head elevated helps reduce the retention of fluid around the eyes and helps you wake up without puffy eyes. 


Consider What You Eat, And Drink Water

One thing that you’re going to want to avoid prior to bedtime is foods high in sodium as they can make you retain a lot of water.  In addition you want to make sure that you remain properly hydrated which allows your body to wash out toxins, keep skin plump and glowing, and help your eyes not be puffy by washing away retained water.


These are just a few important tips you can use to help protect your skin and keep it looking young and fresh, but there are plenty other ways to help keep your skin healthy.  If you want to learn a few more contact Dr. Sam Olu Faleye at Prime Health Medical Center in Memphis, TN and schedule an appointment. From their clinic they have been helping patients like you tackle concerns with their health ranging from ways to keep their body youthful to serious medical concerns, and they’ll be happy to serve your family as their health care practitioners for years to come.



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