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The Effects of a Poor Night's Sleep

Today’s cocktail for life seems to be an insufficient amount of sleep and an overabundance of stimulants in the form of energy drinks and caffeine.  With the wages of sleep washed from our eyes by these substances we often think that just because we feel awake and alert, we are cheating sleep of its due and getting away with it.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The hidden wages of sleep deprivation are many, and can go beyond simple weariness.


How Much Sleep Do I Actually Need?

The amount of sleep a person averages at about 8 hours, but that doesn’t mean that everyone needs the same amount.  For some people 8 hours can actually be too much, and for others 10 hours isn’t quite enough, it all depends on your personal needs.  One sure indicator that you’re not getting enough (quality) sleep is if you’re feeling tired all day when you wake up. Health conditions like sleep apnoea can also result in poor sleep, but typically the cause is bad sleep habits.


What Happens To My Body If I Don’t Sleep?

The body needs to rest to thrive, and if you’re not listening to it when it says it’s in need of a little down time, it’s going to cost you in the long run.  If you occasionally have a night where you don’t get quite enough sleep, you’re not going to suffer from more than a little irritability, but as the period drags on the repercussions are going to get worse.  It will start with a foggy brain, making decision making and concentration increasingly difficult. Coordination and balance begin to be affected, leading to a possibility of injury through accidents. Finally, the risk of nodding off increases which can range from inconvenient to downright dangerous if you’re driving.


As time goes by and you continue to fail to get enough sleep you’ll also experience suppression of your immune system, making it easier for you to get sick.  Weight gain has also been observed in those who sleep less, in part due to the increase of the hormone that stimulates hunger and the decline of the one that makes you feel full.


The Benefits of Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep on a regular basis has a broad scope of great benefits for your body.  Those who get enough sleep have been shown to have fewer occurrences of diabetes. Sex drive is boosted by being well rested, and fertility is as well, important if you’re looking to start a family.  Heart disease has been shown to be worse in those with bad sleeping habits, so keep heart happy by getting enough rest.


If you’re experiencing difficulty sleeping it’s time to contact Sam Olu Faleye and schedule an appointment with the Prime Health Clinic team.  Poor sleep can produce serious repercussions that can eventually become life-threatening, so act today and get yourself on the path to a health sleeping pattern with Dr. Faleye.



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