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Depression in Adolescence 

Growing up can be a harrowing experience, and it’s not unusual for that time to be accompanied by bouts of sadness or feeling blue.  Throughout our adolescence we experience social changes, along with psychological, emotional, and mental developments that can leave us feeling more than a little overwhelmed.


The immense pressure put on developing teens from familial, social, and academic expectations can result in deep concerns about disappointment and rejection.  This is due, in part, to the varying expectations and pressures placed on them by friends, family, and the faculty at their school. With so much going on it’s not unusual for them to experience feelings of hopelessness and confusion.


Just as they begin to experience what the world has to offer, they’re bombarded with the trouble and concerns of the world.  AIDS education, drug use prevention, the pressures of alcohol and smoking, and of course the false image of the perfect world portrayed in social media and in magazines.


In the midst of children going through these trying times it can be difficult for parents to know when to become concerned about their child’s welfare.  If you have a child you’re concerned may be experiencing depression look for these important clues.


  • Performance in school suffering

  • Cutting off activities with friends

  • Professed feelings of hopelessness and sadness

  • Sluggishness, lack of motivation and energy

  • Bursts of rage and anger

  • Particular sensitivity to criticism

  • Feeling as if they’ll never meet their ideals

  • Excessive lack of guilt and self-esteem

  • Being forgetful, indecisive, and unable to concentrate

  • Feelings of agitation and restlessness

  • Sudden changes in sleeping or eating patterns

  • Substance abuse

  • Struggles with authority

  • Suicidal Ideation


It is not uncommon for teens to engage in risky behavior to attempt to stave off feelings of depression, including unprotected sex, drug use, etc.  Being unable to deal with their depression may also result in hostility, aggression, and difficulty controlling their emotions overall. If any of these behaviors persist for more than a couple of weeks it may be time to start taking steps to helping your teen deal with your emotions.


How To Seek Treatment For Teenage Depression

Depression is a very real condition and needs to be treated accordingly.  Untreated this condition can lead to tragic results, thankfully there are very real options to treat it.  Treatment in the form of therapy can help them understand the source of their depression and what they can do to counteract it.  If your child recognizes that their depression is a very real problem, then therapy will be even more effective.


If you have a teen who’s suffering from depression, or are suffering from depression yourself, pick up the phone and contact Dr. Sam Olu Faleye.  Together with the professionals at Prime Health Medical Center they’ve been working closely with the populace of Memphis, TN to ensure that they receive the best care and treatment for all their physical and mental health concerns.



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