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Tips for a Teething Baby

Every child goes through a very tough period during their earliest days, and that period encompasses the process of teething.  While it’s an exciting point in their lives that precedes their ability to some of the most delicious foods the world has to offer, it’s not very pleasant while they’re going through it.  Equally affected by this time of transition are the parents, faced with a fussy baby who is experiencing discomfort at almost every hour of the day. Thankfully there is something this caring overseers can do to help their baby make it through this time.


Cool Is Very Soothing

One of t he best ways to help your child face this period of their lives is by providing ample cool things for them to chew on while their teeth make their through their gums and into the light.  What kind of things can you give a child while they’re teething? Some of the following are possibilities:


  1. Chilled Carrots – Carrots are tasty, healthy, and hold cold very well.  Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t break off a chunk, but they should be fine if its thick enough.

  2. Frozen Waffle – All the benefits of a frozen carrot with none of the drawbacks, they turn to mush as your baby munches on them, so no risk of choking!

  3. Chilled Cucumber Slices – Easy for your baby to chew on, soothing to the gums, nutritious, and also though to have anti-inflammatory properties!

  4. Frozen Cheese Stick – Another tasty treat your baby can chew on to help soothe the wave of ouch coming from their new teeth.

  5. Cold Pickles – Who doesn’t love pickles?  Delicious and great at holding cold, your baby will love it!

  6. Frozen Breastmilk Popsicles – A natural food for baby and a great way to help bring cold to their aching gums.

  7. Cold Washcloth – Provided that it’s clean a washcloth that’s been soaked in cold water and frozen is a great thing for baby’s to treat aching teeth on.

  8. Frozen Pacifiers – A lot of kids find this as a favorite, there are even specially made ones that are meant to be frozen and provide longer relief.


These are just some of the cold based options available to you, but its worth noting that there are other techniques as well.  Rubbing their gums has always been a good way to sooth the ache, as well as giving them hard teething toys to help their teeth get through the gums.  There are also biscuits and crackers that are good for teething babies as well, just make sure you clean their gums thoroughly afterwards.


If you’ve got a baby starting to go through their teething stage and want tips from a professional on handling their discomfort and making it as comfortable as possible give Dr. Sam Olu Faleye a call at the Prime Health Medical Center.  Located in Memphis TN they serve the families of their community with whole life dental care.



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