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Signs You May Have A Thyroid Disorder

The thyroid performs an important function in the regulation of blood sugar levels, heart rate, and weight management, among other concerns. When the production of hormones by the thyroid gets out of balance, either by producing too little or too much, it can result in symptoms that can alert you to the presence of a problem. If you’re concerned you or someone you love may have a thyroid problem, look for the following symptoms.


Fatigue and Low Energy

Those suffering from thyroid problems often experience issues with maintaining energy and a constant feeling of fatigue. If you find that you’re exhausted or weak after a full night of sleep, or need multiple naps in a day to function, you may need to get your thyroid checked. While there are other conditions that can cause these kinds of symptoms, low thyroid levels are a common cause. Those with heightened thyroid function often feel confused, agitated, shaky, or nervous fairly regularly.


Unexplained Changes In Weight

Thyroid levels have been directly connected to issues with losing or maintaining weight. Low thyroid levels, in particular, have been shown to impact the metabolism and make losing weight difficult even with healthy lifestyle changes. An overactive thyroid can result in similar issues, with the body burning through calories at a rate that is higher than normal. While many would think this sounds like a wonderful problem to have, it can become dangerous in severe enough cases.


Hoarse Voice and Neck Discomfort

If you’ve been experiencing unexplained hoarseness or consistent feelings of pain or discomfort in your neck, it may be necessary to have your thyroid levels checked. Often these symptoms can be directly connected to concerns such as goiter and can be the result of either too little or too much thyroid activity. It can also be a sign of thyroid cancer, though cancerous goiters aren’t common.


Anxiety And Depression

Hypothyroidism has also been revealed to be one of the many causes of depression and mood swings. Also, those who experience frequent anxiety, irritability, unexplained anger, or sudden upset may be experiencing symptoms of hyperthyroidism. It’s common that these mood swings will have to be pointed out to you by others in your life. It can be difficult to understand or recognize them while living them yourself.


Irregularities In Your Menstrual Cycle

Both forms of thyroidism can result in changes in a woman’s menstrual cycle, with hypothyroidism causing them to be more painful and last longer, while hyperthyroidism often results in them being shorter or non-existent.


If you’re experiencing these symptoms or have other reasons to believe you may be experiencing issues with your thyroid, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with your physician. Dr. Sam Olu Faleye works with patients experiencing issues with their thyroid to provide treatments that can help alleviate symptoms and promote regularity. Call Primehealth Medical Center in Memphis, TN, for an appointment and start taking control of your thyroid concerns today!

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