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Boost Your Metabolism


If there’s one question Dr. Faleye gets most often it’s how to boost one’s metabolism. Most people are so busy, that making big changes isn’t as easy and they quickly fall off the weight loss wagon. It’s been proven, however, that by setting small goals and using minor changes to get to those goals you’re more likely to experience success in the long run.


Boosting your metabolism is something that can be achieved by taking small steps in your daily routine.


Make Sure You Eat Enough Protein


Protein is an important part of boosting metabolism because it not only keeps you full longer, but also helps maintain lean muscle mass. Your muscle burns more calories than fat, which is why it is important to maintain any muscle you have. Many diets put people in such a deficit that their body feeds off of muscle before fat. This leaves them with a lower body weight, but without the shape they truly desire. Maintain your muscle, and you’ll achieve that lean appearance you want.


Drink Water


By replacing any soft drinks or caffeinated beverages with water you’re not only dumping extra calories, but you’re also giving your cells what they need to keep your metabolism running. Studies have shown that by also changing any water you drink to cold water you’re prompting your metabolism to kick into gear and burn more calories.


Practice High-Intensity Interval Workouts


HIIT training not only burns calories while you work out, but it also burns them after you work out. These workouts are also exciting because they keep things mixed up. You’ll never do the same workout twice, which helps to keep you interested and coming back.


Try a Standing Desk


Most Americans have jobs that require them to sit at a desk all day long. Try swapping out your traditional sitting desk for a standing desk. You use more muscles when you stand, which ultimately increases your metabolism. Additionally, you might notice an improvement in your posture and any lower back pain because you aren’t sitting as much.


Get Enough Rest


This is huge! Your body needs to get enough rest in order to function properly. If you aren’t well rested not only will you be too tired to workout or cook healthy food, your cells won’t have the energy needed to ensure your metabolism is functioning properly.



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